Want to take your business to the next level? The path to success goes through a team of crack programmers who can write code that will boost you above your competition.

With plenty of languages out there that cover a variety of software/hardware solutions, those who find the right mix of talent that covers all their needs will be able to match wits and overcome those who also take the tech component of their business seriously.

Exceptional Software Strategies did this many years ago when they were just starting out and as a result, they are well-positioned in their market in the present day.

This can be done by hiring programmers who are able to think for themselves, are self-starters, and can pull together with co-workers when projects need to get done fast. If your people possess these characteristics, you will be able to kick butt when big deadlines loom.

If you are looking for star programmers, here are a few qualities you should be seeking in your candidates.

1) They can program in more than one language

Software applications and platforms these days aren’t just run by a single language like HTML, as JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and others are also weaved into the code.

Accordingly, it is important that you seek out applicants who are proficient in more than one programming language.

This will give employees the ability to work seamlessly with existing code without having to hold up production when they need to seek out someone with knowledge in an area in which they aren’t proficient.

Flexibility from project to project is another benefit to this, as those who know Ruby on Rails might not be needed all the time, but if they also know C++, they’ll be able to work on many other projects when their core competency isn’t required.

Finally, each programming language has their own lessons to teach those who learn it. When a coder knows multiple languages, they have transferable skills that can inform their work when they take on new assignments.

2) The ability to solve tough problems

Code can be unbelievably complex at times. This can make a problem function hard to find when something inevitably goes wrong.

Programmers who are well-schooled in logic don’t flinch when faced with formidable tasks, as they can quickly assess what is going on by ruling out parts of the code that couldn’t be causing the problem. This allows them to narrow down their search, leading to a quick resolution of the issue.

3) The ability to work as a team

Many people perceive programmers to be anti-social nerds who seek out solitude and shun human contact. This is nothing more than a poor caricature of those who work in this field, as the collaborative nature of the field today demands coders who can be team mates rather than solo operators.

Programmers who are social and are able to relate to others should move to the front of the line when you are hiring talent as they will be able to sit down and hammer out code with others without butting heads in a confrontational manner.