If you own a small business, you’ll know how important it is to keep tight control over spending. From insurance to stationary, furniture, utilities, and refreshments, it all has to be accounted for and compatible with monthly targets. One of the biggest challenges, particularly for young companies, is finding a way to manage commercial real estate.

Fortunately for businesses in the United States, there’s a clever new option. Virtual offices provide a professional address and full access to administrative resources, without the need for rent payments. This is possible because the service doesn’t include physical space. All services are accessed remotely, via an internet connection in any location you prefer.

While there are multiple virtual vendors in the US, Servcorp is a leading provider of virtual office solutions. If you’re trying them for the first time, this company is a good choice. Keep reading to find out about the benefits.

Professional Address

These facilities, though not designed for physical use, have very real, very impressive addresses. Tenants are permitted to use the location of the central building for mail and marketing materials. It is an easy way to add credibility, particularly for home-based companies.

Efficient Mail Handling

You don’t have to direct company mail to the office building. However, the official address is bound to make affiliates and investors feel more confident about working with you. Tenants can pick up letters and parcels periodically or have them forward to their home base.

Administrative Support

During the early years, most companies live without things like PAs, secretaries, and administrative assistants. They can be a costly resource. With virtual offices, this kind of support is offered on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, so that it’s much easier to control spending.

No More Commuting

If you don’t have a physical office space, there’s no need to commute in every morning. Essentially, you get the prestige of being in a location like Fifth Avenue or Battery Park with none of the common frustrations. You’ll save time, feel happier, and spend less on travel.

Conference Rooms

The best virtual vendors in New York, Miami, Chicago, and the other big cities provide access to world-class conference rooms. They are also run on a ‘pay as you use’ model, so you’ll be billed for time spent and nothing more. Home-based companies can hire these spaces when they need a professional environment for hosting.

Reduced Overheads

Renting and maintaining a full-time office is an expensive affair. You are responsible for providing almost everything. This includes furniture, décor (in some cases), networking equipment, lighting, heating, security, and more. When you go virtual, the office takes care of itself.

Flexible Contracts

Virtual tenants are in control of how they use the available resources. It is up to you how long you stay and continue to make payments. Most new members pay for two or three months upfront, as a trial run, and then let the contract roll over until they decide to leave.

Why the Cost of Virtual Offices Is a Big Advantage

In the US, commercial real estate is hot stuff. It can be very expensive in the big cities and, as such, it’s not uncommon for landlords to be highly inflexible. Virtual solutions give control back to the tenant by eliminating the role of the single, all-powerful owner.

They are affordable, great for businesses on a budget, and they reduce operational overheads substantially. All you have to do to get started is sign some paperwork and make a down payment. You could be nurturing your business right now from a dynamic virtual workspace.